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To hell with the CC and the KK.

2008-05-09 19:44:28 by nollen

I log on today, and look at my posts. One of my posts went from 4 comments to 52 comments. About a week ago, I spammed on one of Betty's spam posts. So, this Betty-follower deushbag named Usernamed decided to make 48 maxed-out posts of fuck you, over and over again. What is the purpose of this? Why do these losers suck up to a person who lives a live that makes absolutely no sense?

Another thing. Their flashes. Its one thing to make a crappy flash, which I am appreciative of, becasue I am a bad animator myself,but its another to offend people with dirty images and really lloud and annoying noises. I have to deal with this crap everyday b/c of blam/save points. Its as if they are insulting the only website that will accept them.

And to that bastard Usernamed ( who cannot comment to my news or to PM me), thanks much for wasteing my time. I hope you get what you deserve. That is all.


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2008-05-09 19:47:31

I hate them too.

nollen responds:

Thanks for your response.


2008-05-09 19:48:02

You do know that usernamed IS betty right? Just ignore betty, we can't all be as awesome as him. Just accept that he makes Newgrounds better and movve on.

And please tell me what betty has to do with the Clock Crew or the Kitty Krew.

nollen responds:

I really have no idea why I related Betty to the KK and CC, but they just all seem to be in the same group of "retarted things in NG".


2008-05-09 20:07:27


"to hell with the CC"
"to hell with the KK"
"to hell with betty"
"to hell with usernamed"
"i have to deal with this crap everyday etc etc"

Dude who the fuck cares? KK is gay alright, but really. WAAH WAAH WAAH. If you ask me, betty is okay in my book. Everyday is hilarious for me to see the amount of complaints stacking up because people like you get easily trolled. Your loss dawg.

nollen responds:

I really don't care about this issue. As you can tell, by my Level 5 status on NG, I hardly go on anyways. I am just tired of these bad flashes and jerk-offs like Betty. He/she spammed my news post, and that made me perturbed. Thanks for your opinion. :)