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Clock Crew concerns...

2008-02-26 20:13:53 by nollen

Look, don't post to me saying that I don't have a flash, and I shouldn't be talking, but I have to adress this. When I log on to NG to get my points for the day and my Blams, half of the time i'm left to watch another crappy video by the imfamous Clock Crew. Hell, StrawberryClock submitted a flash that was a B! Thats right, a plain screen with the letter b on it! He got a 3.5 for it. The Clock Crew is good on the actual CC day. That retarted computerised voice jjust makes me want to scream!!!!

Post your objections, I don't care.


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2008-02-26 20:18:54

Imfamous? I guess you haven't seen a good one have you?

nollen responds:

joking.... I was being sarcastic.


2008-02-26 20:30:54

Clock crew is like the best! n00b

nollen responds:

n00b? n00b? your the noob!


2008-02-27 07:07:05

not at life...

nollen responds:

Well, I guess your right, I mean defending a cause that dosen't make any sense at all, with horrible flashes and whatnot.


2008-03-18 20:54:33

are you a compleate dumbshit? if you didnt notice the same week SBC submittedB it received Turd Of The Week. it's current score lingers around 3.5 due to clockcrew members voting 5 over the years

nollen responds:

No, i am not a complete "dumbshit". You people make me sick. You are looked down on by all of us at Newgrounds. Tom is retarted to give you your own day. Even on the actual CC day, the submissions still suck. I think you are a dumbshit for joining a group that has no purpose, except to make lousy flashes that hardly pass.
At least, you didn't join the KK, the only people who actually make worse flashes than the CC. So, please, go get a life.